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The new and impressive all-seater Zagłębie stadium was constructed between 2007 and 2009 on the site of the club’s previous stadium.

Football fans at the stadium enjoy impressive views of the game, with the spectator stands just 5.5 metresfrom the pitch, whilst vocal support is enhanced by the fact that the spectator stands form one complete unit. The vertical distance between the lowest tier and the highest tier is 14 metres. All seats are protected from the elements by a roof supported by 52 concrete masts, weighing 24 tonnes each. 194 floodlights ensure comfortable viewing of night games and a light level of 2000lx allows for games transmitted from the stadium to be always enjoyed in High Definition.

The stadium qualifies as a Category 3 venue in relation to UEFA Stadium Infrastructure guidelines and as such can host matches up to the Champions League Group Stage.

The Stadium in numbers 

  • Years in construction: Two (2007 – 2009)
  • Opening Date: 14th March 2009
  • Cost of construction: Approx. 130 million PLN (approx.: 30m)
  • Owner: Zagłębie LubinS.A.
  • Capacity: 16032
  • Lighting: 2000lx
  • Surface: Grass
  • Height of stands at highest point: 13,71m
  • Height of Lighting Masts: 32.55m
  • Number of bathroom facilities: 13
  • Number of first aid points: 6
  • Number of parking spaces: 150
  • Number of floors in adjoining club office building: 3
  • Number of floodlights: 196
  • Total volume: 209 311,72 m³
  • Stadium site total area: 10 736 m²
  • Total area of roof: Close to 13,000 m²
  • Area of usable space: 3 368,08 m²